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Seoul Clinic and Seoul Aesthetic offer best-in-class Korean beauty solutions in Hong Kong, our services including plastic surgery, dermatology treatment, medical aesthetic treatments, skincare, medical hair removal, etc. We pair powerful skincare treatments with advanced technology to solve client concerns holistically.

Korean Beauty Solutions Reimagined for You

Seoul Aesthetic

Our Vision

We offer best-in-class Korean beauty solutions in Hong Kong, and pair powerful skincare treatments with advanced technology to solve client concerns holistically.

Our Mission

We strive to be your trusted partner of aesthetic, health and wellness.
To bring health, beauty and rejuvenation to everyone.

Our Value

– Bespoke
– Education
– Quality
– Safety

What is Medical Aesthetics?

Medical Aesthetics is a scientific approach to defining the term beauty. It is data-driven and evidence-based, maximizing results, while minimizing risks. At its core it is professional and high tech, continuing to evolve with the most recent published papers and theories. A well-trained doctor must be involved throughout the process as it involves careful handling of risk. A holistic approach is necessary, diagnosing from the cellular level and even taking into account the psychiatric aspects of the client.

Modern Medical Aesthetics can be divided into 4 relevant subcategories: Skincare, Energy-based treatments, Injectables and Surgery. Skincare is closely related to lifestyle modification. As a healthy diet and exercising regularly is scientifically proven to be important for a healthy life to slow down the aging process, regular tailormade skincare treatments are the backbone to a healthy skin condition.

Energy-based treatments such as Thermage, Ultherapy, Picosecond Laser are akin to going to the dentist. Many being FDA cleared, meaning scientifically proven on efficacy, high tech devices are available in this age to day to assist in lifting, tightening, brightening and slimming portions of the body. It is important to note that only certified individuals such as doctors who have a deep understanding of anatomy handle these devices.

Each subcategory must be connected to each other when treating the client as they may complement each other. A red flag is when a provider does not have some of the 4 pillars available
or even if available, are siloed from each other. A proper establishment will provide the client with the maximum benefits among the 4 subcategories to tailor a solution to achieve the purpose of Medical Aesthetics – improving the physical appearance and satisfaction of the patient.

Features of Korean Medical Aesthetics

Korea is at the forefront of Medical Aesthetic innovation. This is supported by figures in number of cases and the percentage of population that has undergone Medical Aesthetic procedures. Naturally, the more the cases, the higher cases for training of doctors. Doctors from all over the world come to Korea to learn the latest techniques and train their skills to practice in their home countries.

Korean Medical Aesthetics differs from other countries in the world that the treatment process is holistic, meticulous and well planned out. There is constant innovation in medical devices and due to high competition, doctors themselves continue to innovate and strive for excellence. There is no secret to Korean Medical Aesthetics. It is a highly competitive market where only those who innovate can survive. Many techniques that were created were thus called the “Korean” way and thus Korean Medical Aesthetics now has achieved its fame. Korean Medical Aesthetics has a distinct feature in that a natural look is achieved by utilizing multiple type of treatments tailored to each patient.

【季節更替,抵抗力降低?】 #專業醫學團隊幫你增加免疫力

早晚溫差大,季節更替,擔心會病,想做很多事但全身沒有動力?不如來Seoul Aesthetic為身體打打氣!
IV therapy營養點滴療程,幫助您補充體內的營養儲備,此輸液蘊含高劑量的維他命 C 🍊及其他身體所需維他命、礦物質、氨基酸和抗氧化劑等其他有利於免疫健康的關鍵營養素,可以為身體叉電,回復活力,同時強化免疫系統,去抵抗病毒感染及加速從感染中康復。
✨ 強化免疫系統
✨ 增加能量
✨ 增加維他命吸收
✨ 支援新陳代謝
✨ 補充水份

Seoul Aesthetic 醫生憑藉豐富經驗及對美觀的執著,根據客人的體質提供各種改善方法。如對療程有任何疑問,歡迎立即致電或WhatsApp 9696 8585預約免費醫生諮詢!

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【Feeling a bit under the weather?】Find a professional medical team to help you strengthen your immune system

The abrupt changes in temperature in the winter months put a heavy strain on the body. You might be feeling less motivated to do anything, or become more prone to infections🥶. Come to Seoul Aesthetic and recharge your body!
IV therapy can help you by replenishing the nutritional storage in your body. It contains essential immunity boosting nutrients such as high-dose Vitamin C🍊, other essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and anti-oxidants which can help you feel rejuvenated. It can also support your immune system to boost resilience to infection and even make you recover quicker from minor infections.
✨Strengthen Immune System
✨Increase Energy
✨Increase Vitamin Absorption
✨Support Metabolism
✨Complete Hydration

Seoul Aesthetic provides a variety of medical skin treatments according to the patient’s skin type. If you have any inquiries, call or WhatsApp us at 9696 8585 to book a free consultation!

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Address: Wilson House, UG/F, 19-27 Wyndham St, Central

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恭喜發財!Seoul Aesthetic 祝願㊗️大家兔年事事順利,健康美麗!💓

佳節將至,Seoul Aesthetic 分店營業時間將作出特別安排:

1月21日【年三十】 10:00 – 19:00
1月22日【初一】 休息
1月23日【初二】 休息
1月24日【初三】 休息
1月25日【初四】 休息
1月26日【初五】10:00 – 20:00

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【Happy Year of the Rabbit! 🐇】
Kung Hei Fat Choy! May you always be blessed with youth and vigor! 💓

As the holidays are approaching, Seoul Aesthetic will make special arrangements for business hours:

Jan 21 【Lunar New Year's Eve】 10:00 – 19:00
Jan 22【Lunar New Year】 Closed
Jan 23【The second day of Lunar New Year】 Closed
Jan 24【The third day of Lunar New Year】 Closed
Jan 25【The fourth day of Lunar New Year】 Closed
Jan 26【The fifth day of Lunar New Year】 10:00 – 20:00

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農曆新年將至,Seoul Aesthetic誠心為您送上濃濃節日祝福,讓您盡情感受溫馨喜慶佳節!

許多人都會趁新年好好養膚、護膚💓!為此,Seoul Aesthetic推出新年限定Skincare Treatment A+B Plan🌟,原價$2400,現只需$780即可享受2項療程。

A: 【#60分鐘韓式面部護理】60分鐘韓式面部護理由專業美容師以韓方護膚按摩手法進行,結合先進儀器,促進肌膚循環,令客人皮膚由內到外散發出光澤、健康膚色。

B:LDM-Triple肌膚細胞再生儀又叫LDM水滴提升(Local Dynamic Micro-Massage),由德國Wellcomet Technology研發,能為全身肌膚細胞充電,從根源修復以及刺激細胞再生。

請把握機會享用新年優惠 #60分鐘韓式面部護理、#LDM-Triple肌膚細胞再生儀!


致電 l WhatsApp | 微信: 9696 8585
地址: 中環雲咸街19-27號威信大廈UG/F

【5 Things to Do in the Chinese New Year】 Skincare Treatment Promotion | A+B Plan $780
🎉Offer valid until Jan 31st

Are you ready to check something off your Chinese New Year bucket list? !🎉

Get exclusive access to our Skincare Treatment A+B Plan, with top-notch equipment that'll make you gorgeous and confident.

Treatment A: 【#60minutesAuthenticKoreanTreatment】Seoul Aesthetic established a skincare system that improves your skin holistically with the 60-minute Authentic Korean Skincare Treatment. Coupled with best-in-class technology, the treatment uses Korean beauty techniques to improve your skin circulation, giving you a lit-from-within glow.

Treatment B: LDM (or Local Dynamic Micro-Massage) -Triple is an ultrasound device that can modulate individual tissue structures and specifically intervene in the dynamic processes of the connective tissue, repairing the skin from its foundation and stimulating cell regeneration.

Don't miss out! This is a CNY special offer, enjoy your Skincare Treatment at the amazing price of HKD 780!

Contact us to learn more about the treatment and promotion.

*Only one time purchase per customer

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【Rejuran醫美級護膚】#敏感肌 適用

每次療程後,我們都會使用 #Rejuran 產品幫助客人護膚。新一年,送給親人朋友Rejuran護膚套裝,讓大家的肌膚閃閃發亮。

Rejuran是韓國再生科學PRP集團研發的頂級護膚品牌,成分通過美國FDA與USDA Organic認証,保證產品質素有效安全,適合敏感肌膚使用。

Rejuran Cosmetics – Clinic Line,只可於診所內出售的天然高效護膚品系列,受到所有年齡和皮膚類型的消費者喜愛。

1.防曬 (防紫外線和保濕)
2.眼霜 (眼部皺紋護理)
3.補濕乳液 (補水,保護肌膚)
4.美肌逆齡精華 (強效安瓶,激活肌膚活力)
5.修復肌膚乳霜 (強化及滋養肌膚)


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[Rejuran Premium Skincare At Home] Suitable for #sensitiveskin

At the end of each skin therapy session, we apply #Rejuran products in the last step of the treatment. In the new year, gift your relatives and friends with the Rejuran Healing Care Set to make everyone's skin look healthy and moisturized.

Rejuran is a top skincare brand developed by the PRP Group, a leading regeneration corporation from Korea. All the ingredients have been certified by the FDA and USDA Organic to ensure product quality and safety, and are suitable for sensitive skin.

Rejuran Cosmetics - Clinic Line. An effective skincare line backed by top dermatologists, only sold in clinics, and loved by consumers of all ages and skin types!

Set includes:
1. Sunscreen (UV protection & moisturizing)
2. Healing eye gel (eye wrinkle care)
3. Moisturiser (hydration & protection)
4. Concentrate (Intensive ampoule & vital energy booster)
5. Healing cream (improves skin condition & nourishing)

Don’t miss out! Seize the opportunity and bring the luscious skin care set home!

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Reposted from @thermage_hk
為確保顧客能安全地進行原廠正貨的 Thermage® FLX 緊膚療程,除大家熟識的探頭QR code 認證封條、認可療程中心證書以及Thermage®官網上認可的療程中心列表外, 原廠正貨Thermage® FLX 儀器更已系統升級至1.0.5 版本,儀器上亦貼有療程中心名稱及機身編號的系統升級標籤,以供辨識。療程前不妨check一下儀器標籤,讓您更添安心。

醫生主理【#Thermage® FLX緊膚療程】
Seoul Aesthetic 為Thermage 官方認可療程中心之一, 療程採用專利單極射頻技術,加熱深層皮膚組織,刺激 #膠原蛋白增生,改善皮膚下陷鬆弛,達致即時收緊效果,同時亦促進自身膠原蛋白增生,保持年輕。

一次療程 肌膚全年緊緻年輕

Seoul Aesthetic 的高能量療程均由醫生操作,專業醫療團隊會細心聆聽您的需要,並對你的皮膚進行評估。配合頂尖醫美科技及韓式美學,確保療程貼心及個人化,讓客人獲得有效和安全的治療。歡迎查詢及預約療程!

致電 | WhatsApp | 微信
9696 8585
地址: 中環雲咸街19-27號威信大廈UG/F

Performed by doctor【#Thermage® FLX】
In order to ensure our customers can safely undergo the authentic Thermage® FLX treatment, in addition to the QR code authentication seal, the certificate of approved treatment center and the list of approved treatment centers on Thermage® official website, the original Thermage® FLX machine has been upgraded to version 1.0.5, and the system upgrade sticker with the name of the treatment center and the serial number of the device is also affixed on the machine for identification.

Seoul Aesthetic is a certified treatment provider of Thermage® FLX, the treatment applies radiofrequency technology to heat up the deep layers of skin to separate water molecules from the fibrous collagen, causing contraction with immediate #skintightening as a result.

A course of treatment keeps skin firm and youthful throughout the year
✅ Collagen generation
✅ Skin Tightening
✅ Improve sagging
✅ Reduce wrinkles
✅ Improve contour

Our high energy radio frequency treatments are operated by doctors to ensure effective and safe treatments for our clients. Paired with the most advanced machines and sophisticated Korean techniques, Seoul Aesthetic provides the highest level of aesthetic care for you.

Try it now! Call or WhatsApp us to book a consultation with one of our doctors!

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Address: Wilson House, UG/F, 19-27 Wyndham St, Central


一對漂亮的大眼睛能為男士增加魅力。這位男客人雙眼無神,看起來十分疲憊,所以他希望改善下垂的眼部狀況。他諮詢了我們的醫生有關 #雙眼皮 矯正,藉以達到眼部提升的效果。



致電 | WhatsApp | 微信
9696 8585
地址: 中環雲咸街19-27號威信大廈UG/F

【Double Eyelid Surgery】

Having a pair of bright eyes can add more charm to men. Our male client always looked tired before having the #eyelid surgery, so he wished to improve his drowsy eye condition. He consulted about the double eyelid surgery to lift his eyes.

The patient had a light degree of droopy-looking eyes(ptosis) with weak eye-opening muscles. The absence of distinct eyelid folds or supratarsal crease made our client’s eyes look tired. The surgery removed the excess eyelid skin, tightened eye-opening muscles, and adjusted the eyelid shape to a natural Asian margin, to increase the height of lids and to provide a pair of bigger and defined eyes favored in Asian facial aesthetics.

The above “after” photographs were taken only 4 weeks after the surgery.
*Before and after photos are used with patient’s consent.

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