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Seoul Clinic and Seoul Aesthetic offer best-in-class Korean beauty solutions in Hong Kong, our services including plastic surgery, dermatology treatment, medical aesthetic treatments, skincare, medical hair removal, etc. We pair powerful skincare treatments with advanced technology to solve client concerns holistically.

Korean Beauty Solutions Reimagined for You

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Our Vision

We offer best-in-class Korean beauty solutions in Hong Kong, and pair powerful skincare treatments with advanced technology to solve client concerns holistically.

Our Mission

We strive to be your trusted partner of aesthetic, health and wellness.
To bring health, beauty and rejuvenation to everyone.

Our Value

– Bespoke
– Education
– Quality
– Safety

What is Medical Aesthetics?

Medical Aesthetics is a scientific approach to defining the term beauty. It is data-driven and evidence-based, maximizing results, while minimizing risks. At its core it is professional and high tech, continuing to evolve with the most recent published papers and theories. A well-trained doctor must be involved throughout the process as it involves careful handling of risk. A holistic approach is necessary, diagnosing from the cellular level and even taking into account the psychiatric aspects of the client.

Modern Medical Aesthetics can be divided into 4 relevant subcategories: Skincare, Energy-based treatments, Injectables and Surgery. Skincare is closely related to lifestyle modification. As a healthy diet and exercising regularly is scientifically proven to be important for a healthy life to slow down the aging process, regular tailormade skincare treatments are the backbone to a healthy skin condition.

Energy-based treatments such as Thermage, Ultherapy, Picosecond Laser are akin to going to the dentist. Many being FDA cleared, meaning scientifically proven on efficacy, high tech devices are available in this age to day to assist in lifting, tightening, brightening and slimming portions of the body. It is important to note that only certified individuals such as doctors who have a deep understanding of anatomy handle these devices.

Each subcategory must be connected to each other when treating the client as they may complement each other. A red flag is when a provider does not have some of the 4 pillars available
or even if available, are siloed from each other. A proper establishment will provide the client with the maximum benefits among the 4 subcategories to tailor a solution to achieve the purpose of Medical Aesthetics – improving the physical appearance and satisfaction of the patient.

Features of Korean Medical Aesthetics

Korea is at the forefront of Medical Aesthetic innovation. This is supported by figures in number of cases and the percentage of population that has undergone Medical Aesthetic procedures. Naturally, the more the cases, the higher cases for training of doctors. Doctors from all over the world come to Korea to learn the latest techniques and train their skills to practice in their home countries.

Korean Medical Aesthetics differs from other countries in the world that the treatment process is holistic, meticulous and well planned out. There is constant innovation in medical devices and due to high competition, doctors themselves continue to innovate and strive for excellence. There is no secret to Korean Medical Aesthetics. It is a highly competitive market where only those who innovate can survive. Many techniques that were created were thus called the “Korean” way and thus Korean Medical Aesthetics now has achieved its fame. Korean Medical Aesthetics has a distinct feature in that a natural look is achieved by utilizing multiple type of treatments tailored to each patient.

【#Profhilo逆時針 | 基底細胞活化療程】如何有效改善頸紋?





頸部是最容易透露年齡的身體位置,因此一定要在頸紋還未出現時,就及早預防。Ultherapy緊膚療程用來收緊和提升頸部周圍的皮膚,有助預防頸紋,使頸部肌膚更加完美。 Profhilo 和 Ultherapy 互相配合下改善皮膚的緊緻及光滑度。

3. 良好的生活習慣


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【Profhilo - Bioremodeling with immediate tightening effect】

Neck lines caused by "tech neck" can affect young people who look down for long periods of time, and they only get worse with age, making people look older. So, how can neck lines be effectively improved?

1. Pay attention to neck care

Neck moisturizing and anti-aging care is the most practical way to improve neck lines. Profhilo treatment is a great option for improving wrinkles and neck lines with minimal injection points. Its highly concentrated formulation stimulates and boosts natural collagen and elastin production upon injection.

2. Early prevention of neck lines

The neck is one of the first tell-tale signs of aging, so it's important to prevent neck lines as early as possible before they appear. Ultherapy can be used to tighten and lift the skin around the neck for an enhanced effect. The results are clearly visible, with smooth, firm skin and a luminous, hydrated glow after treatment.

3. Good lifestyle habits

In addition to essential neck care, practicing good daily habits is extremely important for tightening the skin around the neck. For example, sleeping on one's back and improving bad posture, such as maintaining correct posture when using the phone and avoiding hunching, can both help improve neck lines.

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【Radiesse | #飽滿額頭】

額頭飽滿的人看起來較有精神、開朗, 也比較年輕, 面部五官也會更加立體自然。這位客人希望透過醫美療程, 即時改善額頭飽滿度。經醫生檢查後, 發現客人有兩個問題: 1) 額頭凹陷不平,令眉骨更顯現 。2) 額頭皮膚欠缺彈性、毛孔粗大。


Seoul Aesthetic 醫生憑藉豐富經驗及對美觀的執著,根據客人的膚質提供各種改善方法。

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【Radiesse | #Fullforehead】

People with a full and plump forehead tend to look more cheerful and younger, and their facial features appear more natural and three-dimensional. One of our clients expressed a desire to enhance her forehead through aesthetic treatments. Our doctor examined her and identified two issues that she could address: 1) a sunken forehead and protruding brow bone, and 2) loss of skin elasticity with forehead creases and large pores.

We recommended Radiesse treatment for biostimulation and volumization. Following the treatment, the client noticed significant improvements in the firmness, smoothness, and volume of her forehead. Radiesse treatment can effectively improve skin elasticity, volumize the face, and instantly smooth wrinkles by stimulating collagen and elastin production, thereby promoting renewed skin structure, and minimizing pores.

At Seoul Aesthetic, we offer a range of medical skin treatments customized to suit individual skin types. Schedule an appointment with our practitioners to discuss your concerns and learn more about your treatment options.

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*Before and after photos are used with patients’ consent.

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【緊緻嫩膚秘訣 | Clarity II雙波長激光療程】


Clarity II雙波長激光療程幫你從源頭解決皮膚鬆弛問題,療程利用IntelliTrak以及實時溫度傳感技術,可自動監測客戶的皮膚溫度,確保全面肌膚都得到均勻治療。

Clarity II利用高能量1064nm激光掃於皮膚表面,針對不同皮層進行全面治療,同時可更加精準刺激膠原蛋白的生成。

Clarity II的低能量755nm激光可分解黑色素及色斑,促進細胞新陳代謝,改善膚質,使肌膚淨白透亮。


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[Skin Tightening and Rejuvenating Tips: Clarity II Dual Wavelength Laser Treatment]

Many people experience sagging skin under the chin, smile lines, and other areas, even if their weight remains the same. While most attribute this to aging, fewer people realize that loss of skin elasticity is the main cause.

Clarity II dual-wavelength laser treatment is a medical-grade device that can address the issue of sagging skin. The treatment uses IntelliTrak and real-time temperature sensing technology to monitor skin temperature automatically, ensuring consistent treatment and preventing missed areas.

Benefits of the Clarity II laser treatment include:

✅Skin tightening and rejuvenation:
The 1064nm laser can be applied across the skin surface, providing comprehensive treatment for different skin layers and stimulating collagen production.

✅Skin whitening:
The 755nm laser can be used to decompose melanin and pigmentation, promote cell metabolism, improve skin quality, and lighten skin tone.

Please note that this promotion is only applicable to non-specified doctors.

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【打造誘人美唇 | 限時8折優惠】盡享“脫下口罩”時刻

Seoul Aesthetic為慶祝口罩令解除,為大家精心準備了“打造誘人雙唇” 8折優惠。

我們的醫生會在注射前跟客人溝通了解客人想要的唇形,再根據客人狀況而親自設計唇部治療方案,醫生會將含有透明質酸 (HA)— 一種人體可以自然生成的填充劑比如Restylane, Juvéderm及Belotero輕柔細緻地注射到嘴唇,根據客人的實際情況會於唇部的不同位置注射不同品牌的針劑。無論是微小的改善,亦或是豐唇,我們的注射都會帶來自然的迷人唇型。


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Enjoy a 20% discount on our "Attractive and Luscious Lips" treatment and experience the return of the "mask-free era". This promotion is valid until March 24th.

With the recent lifting of the mask order, fuller and more even lips can accentuate the contours of your facial features and enhance your overall attractiveness. To celebrate this milestone, we are offering a 20% discount on our "Attractive and Luscious Lips" treatment.

Prior to the procedure, our doctor will consult with you to understand your ideal lip shape and customize a treatment plan based on your individual needs and condition. Our doctor will use lip fillers containing hyaluronic acid (HA) from industry-leading brands such as Restylane, Juvéderm, and Belotero to gently and meticulously inject into the lips. The injections will be administered in different positions depending on your specific conditions, resulting in a natural-looking lip enhancement whether you desire a subtle improvement or fuller lips.

In addition to plumping the lips, this treatment also moisturizes the lips and improves lip lines. Hyaluronic acid can effectively bind with water molecules in the skin to quickly restore lost moisture, leaving your lips hydrated and plump. The effects of this treatment can usually last between 6 to 12 months.

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【Happy Women's Day 👩🏻】
Seoul Aesthetic祝願大家婦女節快樂!每天快樂美麗多一點💓。

請把握機會享用三月優惠:#韓式水光針、#Thermage + Ultherapy 雙效緊膚逆齡組合 及#1+1激光嫩膚療程!

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【Happy Women's Day 👩🏻】
Seoul Aesthetic wishes everyone a happy Women's Day! May you be happy and beautiful every day! 💓

Take advantage of our March promotion, which includes the #Korean Skin Booster, #Thermage + Ultherapy Double-Effect Skin Tightening Treatment, and #Laser Toning!

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【玫瑰痤瘡救星 | VBeam Perfecta 脈衝式激光療程】





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【Rosacea Saviour | VBeam Perfecta Pulsed Laser Treatment】

Have you ever comprehensively understood your skin? Does your face have capillary blood vessels that are prone to redness and dryness? Have you ever thought that these problems may mainly be related to rosacea instead of pigmentation?

Rosacea is a facial skin condition that results in microvascular hyperplasia, causing excessive congestion of the face. In addition to affecting people's appearance, it can also cause skin inflammation, microvasculature expansion, and other problems.

The Vbeam Perfecta Pulsed Laser Treatment is a safe and effective solution for treating rosacea and other skin problems related to blood vessels and pigments. This treatment uses a pulsed-dye laser system that delivers pulsed laser energy at a wavelength of 595nm to gently heat the subcutaneous blood vessels. The system has different modes and a dynamic cooling device that helps to minimize people's discomfort during treatment. Suitable for all skin types, most people can see immediate results after treatment.

This treatment is suitable for people with the following conditions.
✅Red acne marks
✅Facial telangiectasia
✅Red stretch marks and striae
✅Pigmented scars or bruises

The promotion is only applicable to non-specified doctors.

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Seoul Aesthetic 肉毒桿菌去皺療程可一針撫平皺紋,讓你時刻展現真性情。

我們的醫生會根據客人狀況而親自設計治療方案與決定確實劑量,於面部肌肉使用肉毒桿菌素時,可以阻隔神經末梢的訊息傳遞,從而大大降低肌肉收縮張力,令繃緊的額頭肌肉放鬆,撫平3大動態皺紋,包括眉心紋、額頭紋及魚尾紋,增加膠原蛋白, 效果持續顯著,更長效達6個月!

Seoul Aesthetic肉毒桿菌去皺療程適合有以下皺紋人士:
✅ 眉心紋
✅ 抬頭紋
✅ 魚尾紋
✅ 木偶紋
✅ 法令紋
✅ 表情紋
✅ 淚溝紋


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【Botulinum Toxin For Facial Wrinkles】Confidently show your charming expressions

Wrinkles are not only caused by age; facial expressions are also a major contributing factor. Lines on our faces appear as we express our emotions, especially when smiling, frowning, and squinting.

If you don't want to give up your confident and expressive facial expressions, but are concerned about wrinkles, Seoul Aesthetic's Botulinum Toxin anti-wrinkle treatment can smooth your wrinkles and let you show your true self at all times.

Our doctors customize the treatment plan and determine the exact dosage and distribution based on the client's needs and conditions. When Botulinum Toxin is used on the facial muscles, it blocks the transmission of nerve signals, greatly reducing muscle contraction tension. This causes tense forehead muscles to relax and smooths the three major areas with dynamic wrinkles, including brow lines, forehead lines, and crow's feet. It also helps the skin build collagen, and the effects can usually last for up to 6 months!

This treatment is suitable for people who have:
✅ Glabellar wrinkles
✅ Forehead lines
✅ Crow's feet
✅ Marionette pattern
✅ Nasolabial fold
✅ Expression lines
✅ Tear groove

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