Exilis Ultra 360
Women's Intimate Rejuvenation

The world’s only FDA-approved ultrasound fused with monopolar radio frequency, providing complete vaginal rejuvenation including labial remodeling and vaginal tightening.

The FIRST and ONLY device to simultaneously combine radio frequency and ultrasound.

Ground-breaking Patented Technology

Monopolar Radiofrequency and Ultrasound to tighten skin

Non-invasive And Painless

No downtime

Double Security Authentication

Approved by CE & FDA, 100% Safe

Various Applicator Size

Various sizes assure great outcomes and comfort

Unique technology for 2 private parts:

✓ Vaginal  ✓ Vulva

Suggested course of treatment:
Generally, 3-4 times is our standard recommended number of sessions, scheduled on a weekly basis or with at least 10 days interval.

Visible result:
Visible results occur even after the first session. Significant results are obtained after a few weeks.

Procedure time:
About half an hour

The result last:
About 6-12 months.

Recovery period:
The treatment is generally painless or causes minimal pain. The feeling that the patient usually experiences is the feeling of warmth in the treated area.

✓ Vaginal  ✓ Vulva

Exilis Ultra 360 Women's Rejuvenation Principle

Generates heat and stimulates the production of new collagen X3 ¹ and elastin fibers X2 ¹ resulting in reduced urinary In combination with thermal energy, it helps to break down old collagen fibers and spur fresh collagen, strengthening the tissues while improving elasticity.

Labia tissue before treatment

Labial tissue after treatment

4 Unique Advantages:

1. Only takes 8 minutes to complete a vaginal treatment

2. Safe and comfortable procedure with no pain or downtime

3. Comfortable, disposable applicators available in different sizes

4. This device uses circumferential heating of the tissue with RF to cause increased blood flow and collagen stimulation & Offers a 360 degree treatment which makes it much faster

100% ²

Improve sexual satisfaction after treatment

95% ³

Satisfaction of appearance improvement

94% ⁴

Painless during treatment

Treatment Applicable People

Suitable for:

Not suitable for:

Q & A

Generally, 3-4 is our standard recommended number of sessions, scheduled on a weekly basis or with at least 10 days interval. The result last about 6-12 months.

The Exilis Ultra Femme360 system has been through rigorous tests and clinical trials before being CE & FDA approved.

Side effects include mild redness and swelling in the treatment area. This typically disappears within a few hours and you may return to your daily routines. As BTL Exilis Ultra Femme 360 is non-invasive, there is no downtime or recovery. In fact, you can go back to your normal activities immediately.

*Effects vary from person to person

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