Plastic Surgery

We understand that getting a plastic surgery procedure is one of your biggest life decisions. It takes time, planning, and resources. We want you to know that our team of experts at Seoul Clinic are here to help you every step of the way.

Seoul Clinic’s highly qualified plastic surgeons deliver results that meet the clients expectations in their face, including eyeline correction, double eyelid, lower eyelid, blepharoplasty, epicanthoplasty, and eyelid revision surgery.

Our Treatments Include


Eyelid Correction

1-week Eye Brightening / Open Ptosis Correction


Double Eyelid

Natural Adhesion Double Eyelid / Open Double Eyelid


Eye Bag

No-cut Eyebag Removal / Open Eyebag Removal


Eye Rejuvenation

1-week Eye Lifting / Open Eye Lifting Eye / Eyebrow Lifting


Eyelid Revision

Double Eyelid

Seoul Clinic’s double eyelid surgery helps you alter the appearance of the eyelid to better suit your aesthetic preferences.

The goal of Asian double eyelid surgery is not to “westernize” a person’s appearance. The procedure is performed to create a crease along the upper eyelid that looks as natural as a natural double eyelid.

Three Types of Double Eyelid

In-line Double Eyelid

This is the most common double eyelid type seen among Asians. In-line style is preferred for eyes with thin epicanthus.

In-out-line Double Eyelid

The fold stretches out from inside towards outside, creating a more clear line.

Out-line Double Eyelid

The fold starts from outside, accentuating the big eyes,

Comparison Between Natural Adhesion and Incision Methods

Natural adhesion method

Before the surgery
Procedure process text
After the surgery

Partial incision method

Before the surgery
Procedure process text
Procedure process text
After the surgery

Under Eye

Eye bag removal is desired in all cultures and races. Lower eyelid fat repositioning and blepharoplasty procedures remove the herniated fat and improves the aged appearance.

Double Eyelid

Fat repositioning involves using the fat that is in the lower eyelid and transferring it to this hollow line.




Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty

The lower eyelid blepharoplasty removes the excess fat that is herniated to reduce the baggy appearance from aging process.

About 1 hour

5-7 days


Upper Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty or “eyelid lift” can enhance your appearance and self-confidence by opening up your upper face and eliminating the tired look.

Remove the sagging skin
After the surgery

Natural Adhesion Double Eyelid+Brow Lift

The eyelids and brows are one aesthetic unit that look the best when treated as a whole. The objectives of treatment are to reverse the signs of aging by harmonizing the balance of the eyelids and brows in relationship to the rest of the face.

Our team of plastic surgeons at Seoul Clinic combines the natural adhesion double eyelid surgery and brow lift technique to realize your desired aesthetic look. You can recover quickly as it doesn’t involve any incision.

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