Plastic Surgery in Korea

In Korea, appearance is held to a high standard for female and male alike. South Korea is known for its world-class cosmetic surgery, attracting lots of foreign patients every year. While some plastic surgeries may not be possible in Hong Kong, you may also consider your best surgery solutions in Korea.

Seoul Aesthetic understand that the decision to have plastic surgery can be one of the biggest decisions of your life. Doctor’s experience, pre-operative communication, surgical arrangement, and post-operative care are all factors that you should consider.

Seoul Aesthetic is now providing Korean plastic surgery referral services, where our team will provide professional advice and assistance throughout the whole process.


1. Consultation at Seoul Aesthetic

The most important part before the consultation is identifying your goals and target areas. Schedule a plastic surgery consultation at Seoul Aesthetic, and our medical team will provide professional advice according to your needs and conditions.

2. Hospital recommendation and cost assessment

Recommend you the most suitable Korean plastic surgery hospitals and doctors based on your needs and expectations and make a quotation.

3. Make an appointment for surgery

Pay a deposit and make an appointment for the surgery.

4. Surgery

Perform preoperative body check and surgery, with the first follow-up consultation in Korea the day after the operation.

5. Post-operative Care

After coming back to Hong Kong, follow-up consultation and post-operative care will be carried out at Seoul Aesthetic.

Why Us?

One-stop solution

With our professional knowledge we can provide all-round assistance, including booking medical institutions, providing professional advice and language translation services - saving you time and give you peace of mind.

Professional information

We have a professional medical team in collaboration with professional plastic surgery hospitals in South Korea. We can help you understand the equipment of local hospitals, doctors’ expertise, treatment options, surgical risks, and assist you in the decision-making process so that you can obtain the best service.

Careful post-operative care

In addition to paying attention to pre-operative assessment and risks, we also provide post-operative follow-up and support plans to ensure that you receive the most intimate care during the entire process.