Premium MINT Lift

Thread lifting is a minimally invasive procedure that achieves optimal V-line lift of the face without any incision or scar. The threads act to counter the effect of gravity to lift the jowl area, eliminate wrinkles, improve contours, increase skin elasticity, etc., the treatment is performed by skilled and experienced doctors at Seoul Clinic | Seoul Aesthetic.


What is Thread Lifting?

Thread lifting is a microinvasive procedure that achieves a V line without any incisions or scars. You can go right back to your life as usual with only a little or no downtime.

Specially invented threads with spines or cones are used to hook the skin and soft tissue to pull up and anchor them on the stiff structures around the temple area. It shows outstanding results for sagging faces and wrinkles.

The price of thread lifting generally varies according to the treatment area and the number of threads required. Before choosing thread lifting treatment, you should fully understand the treatment information and risks, and choose a doctor with professional skills and experience for treatment.

What are the common treatment areas for Thread Lifting?

Suitable areas for thread lifting include crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, cheek lifts, temples, and forehead etc. Thread lifting can also effectively improve the double chin, saggy jowl and the nose contour. Over time, collagen production is boosted by the threads, making the skin look plumper.

You can enjoy the effects immediately.

Thread lifting is a minimally invasive procedure that can help achieve firming, lifting and anti-aging effects that are similar to a facelift surgery. The main advantages of thread lifting are a shorter recovery period, lower risk and less discomfort.

The effect of thread lifting varies with the individual and age, and usually lasts for about 1-2 years. After the course of treatment, patients should follow their doctor's advice and avoid strenuous exercise and sun exposure to maintain the best results. Although thread lifting has advantages in terms of safety and efficacy, it is still necessary to choose experienced doctors to ensure safety and satisfactory results. Our experienced doctor can perform the procedure meticulously with a tailor-made treatment plan for each client.

What is MINT Lift

Mint Lift is a lifting thread (facial tissue fixation thread) made of dissolvable material polydioxanone (PDO) with 360, 3D helical barbs to pull and fixate skin tissue for wrinkle improvement.

It is a PDO thread for facial tissue fixation, not for suturing, to deliver safe and outstanding results.

埋線 3D 螺旋結構

360º, 3D Helical Structure

Mint Lift’s thread is in 3D helical structure, firmly fixating and lifting from all angles to ensure an outstanding lifting effect

面部埋線 專利製造

Patented manufacturing process

Unlike the conventional threads, Mint is manufactured by patented molding pressed technology and has superior tensile and tissue fixation strength. Patent Submissions in 10 Countries (patent No.: CPCTP11-0007)

埋線 出色的拉力

Outstanding tensile strength

Mint has tensile strength 4 times stronger than that of the conventional threads.

Client's Review

My face was obviously lifted and tightened after Thread Lifting, and my contour and jawline are well-improved which made me look much younger than before. Another important reason I chose this treatment is that the wound is small and the recovery period is short. It is really convenient that I can go out immediately after the treatment
I have had face thread lifting in Seoul Aesthetic two times before, and I am satisfied with the results. After the treatment, the contour visibly improved with a long-lasting effect . Recently, I am considering to do it again. The doctor here is professional and gentle. I remembered about a week after thread lifting, my husband suddenly said to me “how come you look prettier”, which made me hold back my laughter for a long time.
Mrs. Chan
The thread lifting process was not as painful as I imagined. The doctor explained the treatment process to me in detail and helped me design a treatment plan according to my face shape. When the swelling subsided, the effect was obvious. Both my family and friends said that I look younger!


Recommended to Clients Who:

■  Wish smaller face and a more defined jawline

■  Want to improve sagging jawline and facial wrinkles from ageing

■  Want to improve the skin’s elasticity through lifting

■  Are afraid of pain, scar, and invasive treatments

■  Look for procedures that will not affect their lifestyle

■  Want balanced skin laxity and avoid sagging


60-90 min


Choose between anaesthetic cream, anaesthetic injection or general anaesthetic

There will be attending anaesthesiologist for general anaesthetic and the fee will be charged separately.

Recovery Time


Maintenance Period

9-12 months

Treatment Process




Threading design




MINT Lift treatment




Threading design




MINT Lift treatment

MINT Lift Suggested Frequency

For most patients, measurable results appear within a week and lasts up to 9-12 months following a single treatment session, although it highly depends on the type of thread used and skin condition. It is advised to consult with our practitioner before treatment.


For most patients, measurable result appears within a week and lasts up to 9-12 months following a single treatment session, although it highly depends on the type of thread used and the patient’s skin condition. It is advised to consult with our practitioner before treatment.

Local anaesthesia is applied before the thread lifting procedure, which greatly improves the comfort during the process, minimizing the pain caused. The wound is also very subtle.

  • For one week after the operation, patients are advised to avoid staying up late, using tobacco, alcohol and other irritating items, which may affect wound healing and cause inflammation/infection.
  • Keep the wound dry and clean, and avoid going to hot places such as spas and saunas, or doing hot yoga.
  • For one month after the operation, avoid excessive facial muscle movement, massage, and refrain from rubbing the face or stimulating the treatment area.