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Promotions are valid until 31 Oct.

When people put effort to refresh their appearance, hair care is usually ignored. Good hair quality can enhance your overall image and make you look classy. So how to achieve good hair quality? Let’s start with the care of scalp.

It is key to make your hair look fresh, healthy, and sleek. Seoul Aesthetic provides Hair Scaling Treatment to deeply cleanse the scalp and remove dirt and excess oil. This treatment helps avoid clogged hair follicles, avoid inflammation or calm inflammation to protect the health of hair follicles. Regular treatments can promote the growth of thicker, stronger, and healthier hair.

Meanwhile, hair care products are also important. Korea top hair care brand Ballvic, selected by over 3,000 hospitals and clinics. Ballvic can enhance the health of scalp, nourish scalp and hair, prevent and reduce hair loss. Take advantage to save up to 20% off the Ballvic Anti-Hair Loss Series during the promotion period!

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