【2023 February Promo | Hair Regrowth Treatment】$21,000/6 Times

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It’s normal to lose strands of hair each day. But when a person sheds significantly more, this may be a sign of abnormal hair loss. Is hair regrowth possible? Yes! Our Hair Regrowth treatment can help stop or slow hair loss. It may also help regrow hair. The earlier the treatment is started, the better the results will be.
Seoul Aesthetic has established a one-stop hair regrowth program by combining years of know-how in scalp care and cutting-edge technology.
The 90min treatment nourishes the scalp with high-energy hair nutrients and active ingredients for scalp tissues. It promotes hair regeneration, builds a healthy scalp environment to prepare for new hair growth and reduces hair loss.
The Hair Regrowth Treatment includes the following steps:
✅ Step 1 – 1-hour scalp deep cleansing and massage to open up the pores on the scalp
✅ Step 2 – Soaking the scalp after scaling. An important step to open the pores, soften the skin and provide oxygen to help roots grow.
✅ Step 3 – Injection of No.1 bestselling hair revitalizing essence to fill the scalp with high-energy nutrients and active ingredients for scalp tissue
✅ Step 4 – Use our high-quality LED from Bellalux that has a specialized spectrum of wavelengths to irradiate the scalp with different colors.
✅ Step 5 – IV drip therapy for comprehensive replenishment of minerals and nutrients that are essential for scalp health
The promotion is only applicable to non-specified doctors.
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