【Good bye to Tired-Looking Eyes】

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Many people suffer from tired-looking eyes, yet non-invasive treatments to address this problem have limited effect. This patient in her mid-40s was concerned with her appearance due to her prominent eyebags and wrinkles.

Upon examination, we suggested to reposition her sagging eyebags and tighten her eye muscles through surgery (or “open lower blepharoplasty”). The process is to reposition excessive orbital fat, remove loose skin and tighten the skin and muscles beneath the eyes. The results are removal of saggy eyebags and wrinkles, together with restoration of firm skin.

The above “after” photographs were taken only 2 weeks after the surgery, and the patient looked much younger without any visible scarring.

We strive to provide cosmetic procedures with optimal outcome and minimal downtime.


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*Before and after photos are used with patients’ consent.