General Practice

Seoul Clinic offers families, individuals, and corporate clients trusted medical care from our experienced practitioners. With our values bespoke treatments, education, quality and safety, we ensure the highest quality treatments and effective advice on family medication, vaccination, IV therapy and lifestyle.

Our General Practice

Family Medicine

Hypertension / Diabetes / Hyperlipidemia / Gout / Cold / Enteritis / Allergy / Rhinitis / Asthma / Otitis / Atopy

IV Clinic

Chronic Fatigue / Dizziness / Strengthening Immunity / Improving Physical Strength / Skin Brightening / Blood Circulation / Nutrient Supplement / Antioxidants / Anti-aging

Health Checkup


Flu Vaccination

IV Fluid Treatments


High dosage of regenerative, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant formulas will restore your energy and make skin glow


Enhance your immunity with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory IV fluid to protect your body against viruses


Supplement your daily requirements of vitamins with megadoses of Vitamin C without GI disturbance

Vit C Infusion

Treat your vitamin C deficiency with our Vit C infusion

Glow Shot

Glow Shot offers growth factor and amino acids that restore your physical and skin health condition

General Practice

Recommended to Clients Who:

■  Have chronic medical conditions

■  Have acute medical conditions

■  Want to improve their mental wellness(depression, stress or insomnia) 

■  Want to boost their immunity with better nutrition support

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