【Double Eyelid Surgery】Case Study

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Having a pair of bright eyes can add more charm to men. Our male client always looked tired before having the eyelid surgery, so he wished to improve his drowsy eye condition. He consulted about the double eyelid surgery to lift his eyes.

The patient had a light degree of droopy-looking eyes (ptosis) with weak eye-opening muscles. The absence of distinct eyelid folds or supratarsal crease made our client’s eyes look tired. The surgery removed the excess eyelid skin, tightened eye-opening muscles, and adjusted the eyelid shape to a natural Asian margin, to increase the height of lids and to provide a pair of bigger and defined eyes favored in Asian facial aesthetics.

The “after” photographs were taken only 4 weeks after the surgery.

*Before and after photos are used with patient’s consent.


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