【Customer Real Case Sharing】Acne Problems

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Your skin reflects your mental and physical health. These days a lot of us are suffering from skin problem due to stressful lifestyle.

A patient in mid 30s suddenly started to have acne breakouts. Stress caused by work and epidemic situations may have caused such adult onset acne problems and sensitive skin. She tried many home care products and tried to extract pimples herself but only worsened the problem and left scars.

She found us and was treated with Seoul Aesthetic Acne Care program which helped her get her vibrant and healthy skin back!

Our Acne care programs involves full spectrum of treatments including injections and medications prescribed by doctors. She was happy to receive professional advice for treating and preventing acne problems.

Photos are before and after 6 sessions of Acne Care Program, skin care (1 week interval) and 6 sessions of #advancedskincare for sensitive skin at Seoul Aesthetic.

*Before and after photos are used upon patients’ consent.

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