Exilis Ultra 360
Body Sculpting Treatment

The world’s only FDA-approved ultrasound fused with monopolar radio frequency. This combination deliver monopolar RF energy to penetrate the deeper layers, targets and eliminates fat cells, helps reduce the fat layer thickness in the treatment area.

The FIRST and ONLY device to simultaneously combine radio frequency and ultrasound.

Ground-breaking Patented Technology

Monopolar Radiofrequency and Ultrasound to tighten skin

Non-invasive And Painless

No downtime

Double Security Authentication

Approved by CE & FDA, 100% Safe

Full Layering Control

Capture all fat layers precisely

Recommended Areas

Suggested course of treatment:
Generally, treatments take place 2 weeks apart, a total of 4-6 treatments can achieve visible changes

The best course of treatment effect:
Appear within 3 months 

Procedure time:
About half an hour

Maintenance period: 
If you want to continue to maintain your figure, you can take one course of treatment every 1 month

Recovery period:
Exilis Ultra 360 is a non-invasive treatment with with less downtime, some clients may feel a little warmth without pain.

3 Benefits Of Body Sculpting

Comfortable & Safe

Real-time temperature monitoring. Approved by CE & FDA

360 Volumetric Heating

Emits heat to ensure penetration and effect on deep tissues.

Efficient & Painless

Stimulates the body's metabolism in specific areas so that "targeted" fat cells are eliminated.

Technology Principles

Unique layered energy infusion technology

Penetrate deep into the fat layer, triggering fat cell turnover and eliminating fat cells

Radiofrequency and Ultrasound

It targets, kills, and eliminates fat cells, reducing fat layer thickness in the treated area

Real-time monitoring of temperature

Enhance effectiveness and stability of the treatment

Treatment Effect

+5 Times Apoptotic rate ¹

+35% Skin Tightening ¹

Tighten the belly

Improves skin firmness

Evidence Based Medicine
4 Times Treatment Effects

Lose belly fat

93% of the respondents agree that the improvement is obvious ³

Lose arm fat

91% of the respondents agree that the improvement is obvious³

Lose thigh fat

92% of the respondents agree that the improvement is obvious³

Chest lift

Firming & anti-wrinkle

Suitable For

Wants to have perfect lines

Wants to improve stretch marks

Wants to dissolve stubborn fat

Wants to improve skin firmness

Before and After

Abdomen fat loss



Waist fat loss



Outer thigh fat and cellulite loss



Abdomen tightening treatment




Unipolar radio frequency heats up the underlying layers of fat to a temperature of 46°C and dissolves stubborn fat by -40% ³

Virtually any part of the face & body is treatable. Examples include stomach, arms, thighs, buttocks, jawline, neck and eyes.

The treatment is painless and comfortable, with real-time monitoring of temperature distribution to enhance effectiveness and stability of the treatment

*Effects vary from person to person

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