【Belotero Balance for Neckline】Case Study

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Aging and bad habits can lead to necklines. The skin of the neck is thin and neck care is often neglected which results in more necklines formed and necklines becoming deeper. Neckline will make you look older than your age. This client was dissatisfied with the appearance of his neck so he consulted us about treatment to improve his necklines.

Prior to procedures, our doctors will consult with clients to understand their individual needs and conditions and customize a treatment plan. Upon examination, we recommended Belotero Balance in the neckline. Belotero Balance is designed to improve moderate wrinkles so it’s suitable for smoothing the necklines. Belotero Balance can fill in the sunken wrinkles and plump the sunken neck skin for the effect of neckline improvement.

As you can see from the results of the treatment, the client’s neck skin is less wrinkled and smoother than before.

*Before and after photos are used with patient’s consent.

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