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In summer, skin becomes oilier, and the frequent appearance of acne and blackheads can make skin look oily and dirty. When most people have acne problems, they usually deal with it by themselves first, however, improper acne extraction will damage the skin and make the pores larger. Seoul Aesthetic now offers Acne Care Treatment, to restore you a clean and healthy skin.

PDT Premium Photodynamic Therapy

This treatment can deeply clean the clogged pore and inhibit sebaceous glands to reduce oil secretion . It also helps to destroy acne cells and bacteria that improve skin condition, reduce pore size, and improve acne scars.

Intensive Acne Removal

The combination of Acne Treatment and Xeomin makes it more effective in treating acne and improving skin texture. Acne treatment can accelerate the repair of subcutaneous tissue, stimulate cell regeneration, improve acne, and even skin tone. In addition to the outstanding effect of smoothing wrinkles, Xeomin can also control oil, reduces acne, and improves enlarged pores. This combination can reduce acne marks and scars, improve skin quality, and make your skin smooth.

Promotions are valid until 31 August.

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