【2023 February Promo | Acne Care Treatment】$12,600/6 Times

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Low humidity and cold temperature in winter negatively affect the skin, leading to a general decrease in skin barrier function which results in enlarged pores, acne, blackheads and other problems. Come to Seoul Aesthetic and try our Acne Care Treatment to help reduce acne and other blemishes by removing pore-clogging material from your face.

Acne Treatment

This treatment provides effective solution to imperfections caused by acne, addresses acne-prone skin, performs deep pore cleansing and accelerates tissue healing. It also enhances the skin’s regenerating power that visibly reduces acne scars. The result is a reduction of imperfection, an even complexion and a soft skin.

Milk Peel

Korean Milk Peel removes dead skin, improves dull complexion, wrinkles and creates a smoothing effect for softer skin.
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