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1. Profhilo

✅ Effectively replenishes lost Collagen l Elastin l Fat cells
✅ Remodels tissue and improves saggy skin
✅ CE approved
✅ Little downtime


2. Lip Filler by Doctor

✅ Includes Restylane, Belotero, Juvederm
✅ Restylane filler has been recognized by CE and approved by the FDA, helps boost hydration, restore lips moisture balance and increase lip volume.
✅ Belotero filler – a patented CPM technology for optimal tissue integration. Belotero Volume is used for improving lip lines and increase lip volume.
✅ Juvederm filler contains a modified form of HA that can keep skin moisturized and soft, increase lip volume and effectively improve lip contour.
✅ Our doctor will consult with you to understand your ideal lip shape and customize a treatment plan based on your individual needs and condition to optimize results.

3. #Onethera l The Korean HIFU

✅ Firm and lift the skin with immediate effect
✅ Less Pain, Long Effect
✅ This treatment could be tailored to optimize results depending on customers’ needs


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