2023 March Promotion l Up to 50% OFF

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1. Korean Skin Booster | Enjoy up to 20% off Rejuran skin care products on the same day.

— Rejuran Healer —
✅ Provides protein to the skin, optimizes fluid and lipid balance, and improves skin elasticity and texture
✅ Effective in improving fine wrinkles around the eyes, under the eyes, corners of the mouth, and other areas that cannot be improved by surgery

— Rejuran I —
✅ Reduces wrinkles, fine lines and improves crow’s feet
✅ Improves eye bags, dilutes dark circles, and makes eyes look brighter and younger


2. Thermage + Ultherapy Double-Effect Skin Tightening Treatment

✅ Thermage treatment can be applied to the forehead, eyelids and cheeks to help smooth wrinkles and contour the skin.

✅ Ultherapy is suitable for skin laxity on areas such as eyebrows, eye bag, lower jaw line, double chin and neck where lifting is needed from the deeper layers.

✅ Both treatments could work in synergy to optimize results depending on customers’ needs

3. Laser toning by Doctor + Free 60mins Korean Skincare

✅ Includes #Picoway , #Clarity , #VBeam
✅ Picoway reduces dark spots and brighten your skin
✅ VBeam improves rosacea or hot flush
✅ Clarity II for skin rejuvenation and tightening


The promotion is only applicable to non-specified doctors.

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