2023 Anniversary Promotion l Up to 50% OFF

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1. Skin Booster*

— Dewy Glow —
✅ Binds water into the outer layer of the skin, and helps lock in moisture
✅ Enhances skin radiance

— Ultimate Repair —
✅ Strengthens skin defense ability
✅ Repairs skin dryness and damage, promotes cell renewal

— Glass Skin —
✅ All-round anti-aging formula, reduces fine lines
✅ Improves dark yellow and dry skin, makes skin bright and white

— Pore Perfect —
✅ Tightens pores, drains away toxins, and resists free radicals
✅ Provides protein to the skin and increases skin elasticity

2. Thread lifting

Thread lifting is a #signature procedure at Seoul Aesthetic. Performed by Doctor, visibly improves contour and reproduces youthful lines.
✅Elevates sagging face and jawline
✅Tightens the skin
✅Highlights the contour
✅Stimulates collagen growth

3. Clarity II laser treatment + 60mins Authentic Korean Skincare

✅ Skin tightening and rejuvenation
✅ Skin whitening

*Please note that this promotion is only applicable to non-specified doctors.

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