【November Promotion l Up to 50% OFF 】

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【November Promotion l Up to 50% OFF 】
Seoul Aesthetic is offering 3 promotional packages for November!

1. Injections
– Hair Regrowth Treatment

✅ Step 1 – 1-hour scalp deep cleansing and massage open up the pores on the scalp

✅ Step 2 – Injection of hair revitalizing essence to fill the scalp with high-energy nutrients and active ingredients for scalp tissue

✅ Step 3 – IV drip therapy for comprehensive replenishment of minerals and nutrients that are essential for scalp health


 – #RejuranHealer
✅ Delicate polynucleotides extracted from salmon
✅ Reduces skin inflammation and shrinks pores by regulating skin’s oil and moisture.
✅ Improves fine wrinkles around the eyes, under the eyes, corners of the mouth and other areas that cannot be improved by surgery
– #ProfhiloBody 
✅Remodels tissue and improves saggy skin
✅ Effectively replenishes lost Collagen l Elastin l Fat cells

2. #Ulthermage Dual Lifting Treatment

✅ Bringing you Korean trend #Ultherapy + #Thermage Dual Action Treatment Program

✅ Comprehensive lifting. The dual treatment promotes collagen proliferation which improves skin sagging, fine lines, wrinkles and double chin

✅ Approved by the US FDA, with original product guarantee

3. 90-minute signature

Korean treatment✅ LDM-Triple Skin Cell

Regeneration Machine✅ Reduces acne breakouts



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